Our story continues ....Anita realised she had to do something quick or go out for store bought sweets. Frantically she added cream and other ingredients she had in the cupboard. The end result wasn't bad but a far cry from the toffees they produce now but there was lots of it, Anita took some of the concontion to the office. The staff enjoyed the sweet taste and asked for more. Anita soon realised that this could be a fantastic business opportunity. She started to do research on the effects of heat on sugar and chocolate and tried and tested a lot of different recipes. This resulted not only in a few extra kilograms on her hips but also the first caramel toffee that she felt confident enough to send to market. Still working in a corporate environment, she taught her daugters how to cook toffees and Susan helped her mom, while Rosetta was still busy with her Chef studies. Rosetta soon joined the team making toffees, still working from Anita's house. This was a hectic time with very long hours as the product started selling very well at Farmer Markets and small delis. Soon enough, Rosetta met our now Head Confectioner, CR and he also joined the team. Anita's husband - Frans also joined the team fulltime. Family and friends started helping out in the business to handwrap the toffees and soon enough, the small family business was noticed by boutique retailers and things had to change to a higher gear very quickly. Anita made a bold move and decided to leave corporate environment and put all her energy into Sweet Temptations and the business grew quicker than anticipated. In 2013, after 3 years of falling over boxes and running out of space in her home, Anita and her team moved the business to a factory. Today, this family business produces a large variety of premium quality products. 

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